To ensure proper discipline in school the defaulting students will be issued a warning note for the following.

  1. Repeated careless and irregular work.
  2. Irregular attendance.
  3. Coming to school without uniform.
  4. Coming late to school.
  5. Disrupting classroom teaching.
  6. Loitering out of the class without a purpose.
  7. Missing classes, Assembly, Library, P.T etc.
  8. Not bringing the school diary and ID card.
  9. Use of vernacular language.
  10. Use of unparliamentary language.
  11. Disrespect to visitors/parents/teachers.
  12. Misbehavior.
  13. Not bringing the study materials.
  14. Being disobedient.
  15. Using abusive language.
  16. Rude or insolent behavior.
  17. Misbehavior in the bus.
  18. Bullying fellow students and juniors and causing physical injuries.
  19. Using unfair means during any examination.
  20. Damaging school property.

After three warning notes for insolence, indecent behavior, habitual truancy or cheating in any examination the defaulting student will be subjected to demotion and even expulsion.